McFarland Unified School District proposed budget will be on public inspection: JUNE 7, 2024,, 601 2ND ST, MCFARLAND, Public Hearing: JUNE 11, 2024 5 P.M. at 601 2ND STREET, MCFARLAND,

Earlimart School District announced today all children 18 years to 1 years old in Earlimart are eligible to receive FREE school meals June 5 to 28. Meals will be served only at ALILA SCHOOL.

El Distrito Escolar de Earlimart anunció hoy que todos los niños de 18 a 1 año de edad en Earlimart son elegibles para recibir comidas escolares GRATUITAS del 5 al 28 de junio. Las comidas se servirán únicamente en ALILA SCHOOL.

Family HealthCare Network is excited to announce the official opening of its new Delano healthcare center, formerly known as Comprehensive Medical Group, located at 1230 Jefferson Street. Family HealthCare Network is here to reassure its new patients in Delano that despite the name change and new Network, patients can continue to expect the same great quality of medical care from the same medical providers they know and trust.

Family HealthCare Network se complace en anunciar la apertura oficial de su nuevo centro de atención médica en Delano, anteriormente conocido como Comprehensive Medical Group, ubicado en 1230 Jefferson Street. Family HealthCare Network está aquí para asegurarles a sus nuevos pacientes en Delano que, a pesar del cambio de nombre y la nueva red, los pacientes pueden seguir esperando la misma gran calidad de atención médica de los mismos proveedores médicos que conocen y en los que confían.


Delano Union School District releases winners in its annual Science Fair on Thursday

Kalea Popoy, 8th grade at LaVina Middle School answers questions to Science Fair Judges Joanna Trigo, Terrace Academic Coach and CCHS Student Judge Elizabeth Renteria Thursday afternoon during the DUSD Science Fair. Popoy took 2nd place advancing her to compete at the County Level.

Pioneer 7th grader Emily Rodgiruez Lopez answers judges questions Thursday afternoon during the DUSD science fair.

Nueva Vista 4th grader Samantha Alvarez answers questions on her project “Nail it” to judges Bryan Hernandez, DHS student, and Justin Ingram, District P.E. teacher.

Over 100 kids participated in the DUSD Science Fair Thursday afternoon.

L to R; Student judges Jennifer Ceja, CCHS, and Bianka Casillas, DHS, ask Yoshi Tanaka 6th grader from Cecil Ave Junior High questions about his project “Worlds best common pencil”.

Delano High Student judge Jandre LaFradez goes over his notes as he helps judge the DUSD Science Fair Thursday afternoon.

Jan. 17, 2020

By Mike Bledsoe

Delano Union School District


With projects ranging from if plants like certain types of music, to how earth’s layers filter water, to polar bear blubber, Grades 4 through 8 scientists from around the Delano Union School District demonstrated their experimentation skills during the district’s annual Science Fair held Thursday, Jan. 16 at Almond Tree Middle School.

Selected from each grade level were four students or teams for first place, and four each for second place through fourth place. According to district GATE resource teacher Lea Cantu, first and second place finishers advance to the Kern County Regional Science Fair in Bakersfield Tuesday, March 17 at the Mechanic’s Bank (formerly Rabobank) Convention Center in Bakersfield.


First Place –- “Water Level vs. Growth,” Natalie Jaime, Harvest; “Does Playing Video Games Affect Eye Coordination,” Lakhvir Gansie, Morningside; “Black Pepper,” Salsabeel Alzindani, Harvest; “Electromagnets,” Dylan Flores, Fremont.

Second Place – “Electrolytes,” Jocelynn Garcia, Pioneer; “Tetherball Wraps Around Me,” Kareli Amezcua, Fremont; “Which Brand of Antifreeze is Better for the Environment?,”Roopjot Kaur, Morningside; “Paper Towel Absorbency,” Heather Herrera, Harvest.

Third Place – “How Much Sugar is in Your Food?,” Isabel Zatarain, Albany Park; “Temperature and Affect,” Charlotte Vera, Morningside; “Connecting Potatoes with Batteries,” Rafael Kimpo, Harvest; “Nail It,” Samantha Alvarez, Nueva Vista.

Fourth Place – “Gumtastic! Which Brand of Gum Lasts Longer?,” Ashley Heredia, Princeton; “Walking Water,” Ryan Datta, Harvest; “Cleaning Coins,” Julian Ornelas, Harvest; “Sunflower Girls Batteries,” Lizzania Dueñas, Albany Park.


First Place — Which Paper Model Will Fly the Farthest?,” Ezekiel Basconcillo, Princeton; Static Electricity,” Mohammad Senan, Terrace; Slope Sliders,” Leah Magaña Nava, Terrace; The Stroop Effect,” Alexa Davalos, Terrace.

Second Place — Group Size on Conformity,” Alyssa Barragan, Nueva Vista; Crash!,” Eduardo Moreno, Terrace; “Energy Efficient Windows,” Brandan Barroga, Harvest; “Does Gray Water Slaughter Plant Development,” Cherise Frost, Pioneer.

Third Place — Candy Snap,” Fabiola Avila, Albany Park; Keeping Up With Weather,” Khanh Van, Nueva Vista; How Earth’s Layers Filter Water,” Emma Smith, Del Vista; Heart Rate Recovery,” Camila Fregoso, Terrace.

Fourth Place — Germaphobe … Much?,” Mya Garcia, Nueva Vista; Which Bristle Makes the Bristle Bot Go Faster?,” Kendra Sandoval, Princeton; Does Music Change a Person’s Heart Rate?,” Miley Rubio, Morningside; Let’s Stick Together,” Elissa Cortes, Morningside.


First Place — Lies Hidden in Blood Pressure,” Nataly Flores, Evelin Molina, and Stephanie Cota, Terrace; Which Water Will Make the Plants Grow Most?,” Elena Ochoa, Cecil Avenue; Child Proof or Not?,” Jada Lynn Ramos, La Viña; Does Music Affect Concentration?,” Khushwant Kaur and Haley McClintock, La Viña.

Second Place — Memory Game,” Alan Fregoso, Terrace; Music’s Effect on Performance,” Omar Rivera, Cecil Avenue; Rusting Out,” Aryana Moreno, Pioneer; Color Affects Memory,” John Cantorna, Pioneer.

Third Place – “How Does Age Affect Memory?,” Leslie Campos, Terrace; “Polar Bear Blubber,” Reo Palmari, Cecil Avenue; “Does Air Pressure Affect the Dynamics of Ball Bouncing?,” Dane Fontanilla, Cecil Avenue; “Acid Volcano,” Jordan Leyva, Cecil Avenue.

Fourth Place — Water Absorption in Different Flowers,” Allyson Martin, Terrace; Not So Fantastic Plastic,” Gabby Mendez, Terrace; Which Diaper Will you Choose?,” Kaiden Bumagat, Cecil Avenue;Colorful Mind,” Yaquelin Ramos, Pioneer.


First Place How to Reduce Noise Pollution in a Box,” Leslie Gonzalez, Cecil Avenue; Color Memory,” Violet Mendoza, Pioneer; Reaction Time, Peppermint vs. No Peppermint,” Mya Reyes, Cecil Avenue; Can Plants Stop Soil Erosion?,” Nevaeh Herrera, Cecil Avenue.

Second Place — Batteries’ Temperature Fluctuation,” Jonathan Maldonado, Pioneer; Milk…Into Plastic?,” Alpha Salviejo, Cecil Avenue; Does a Temperature of a Magnet Affect Its Strength?,” Julius Salon, Cecil Avenue; Rechargable vs. Non-Rechargable Batteries,” Oscar Juarez, Cecil Avenue.

Third Place — How Sweet It Is?,” Emily Rodriguez Lopez, Pioneer; Music to My Heart,” Jasmine Rodriguez, Alyssa Lipayon, and Jerardo Diaz, Pioneer; White Rice vs. Brown Rice,” Jay Harry Guinto, La Viña;Maintain Teeth Stain,” Shivtaj Gill, La Viña.

Fourth Place — Does Density Affect the Rate a Liquid Cools?,” Xavier Palomo, Cecil Avenue; Splitting Water,” Natalie Espinoza, Pioneer; Will the Earth Determine Our Seasons,” Yazmin Sanchez, Pioneer; Optical Illusions,” Sara Murillo, Cecil Avenue.


First Place — “Smart Home,” Cristian Duran, La Viña; “Can Color of Your House Save You Money?,” Matthew Joshua Gonzalez, La Viña; “Crack the Code,” Noah Khalil Abitago, Pioneer; “Turn it Up! The Science Behind Music and Test Scores,” Susana Zaragoza, Cecil Avenue.

Second Place — Worm Phonomones,” Kavanpreet Kaur, La Viña; Calorie Difference Between Baked and Regular Chips,” Austin Arias, Cecil Avenue; How Do Oil Spills Affect Plant Growth?,” Kalea Popoy, La Viña; Catapult vs. Trebuchet,” Ian Hernandez, Cecil Avenue.

Third Place — Paper Airplane Launcher,” Vicente Gastelum, Salvador Madrigal, and Romel Licardo, Almond Tree; Which Organic Mix Has the Least Soil Compaction?,” Jayla Albano, Cecil Avenue; What is the Electrolyte Level in Your Drink?,” Marc Quiocho, Cecil Avenue; Eggcellent Solution,” Brenda Cabanillas, Almond Tree.

Fourth Place — Plants vs. Salt,” Maria Martinez, Almond Tree; Do Plants Like Certain Types of Music?,” Melissa Vaca and Nereida Medel, Pioneer; Electrolysis Mask,” Ray Ramirez, Cecil Avenue; How Sweet Is It? Glucose in Your Food,” Kenia Landa, Cecil Avenue.

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