Entitlement-Minded: No Bueno. Change that by Helping our Community now and as often as you can!

Nov. 18, 2023

By Pastor David Vivas Jr., World Harvest Int’l Church, Delano
Entitlement-Minded: No BuenoIn recent times, I’ve heard a younger group of individuals believe they should have special privileges and things given to them they’ve not worked for. An entitlement minded generation is a developing culture believing the world revolves around them, their wants, and needs.I was raised to work for what I need and to be responsible for my actions. Our rights come from God. Those with an entitlement mentality will sooner or later realize not everyone will cater to their unethical demands of getting something for nothing.If you’re an adult (18 years and older) you should be working and supporting yourself. In the past year, I recall hearing a man in his mid-20’s say his mom works and supports him. He’s not paralyzed or handicapped. It’s his way of thinking that is very wrong and unethical.To those of this mindset, why not get involved in helping others in the community. We have groups and organizations that distribute food on a weekly basis. These groups can always use volunteers to pack boxes of food for distribution. You can also volunteer at the Navigation Center in feeding the homeless each weekday. Contact me directly and I’ll send you dates, times, and locations of these community outreaches.On Thanksgiving Day, you can help volunteer to prepare plates of food to distribute at Tony’s Firehouse Grill located at 502 County Line Rd in Delano. Show up at 7:00 AM and help shred the turkey to be placed in to-go-plates. The goal this year is to prepare 2,000 lunch plates to distribute.When you replace “entitlement minded” with an attitude of service to the community, you’ll find yourself helping those really needing assistance. Let’s not be self-centered but rather, giving of oneself to serve others.You can contact Pastor David Vivas at 661-721-0111. Leave a message at this number and your call will be returned. Text messages cannot be received at that number.

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