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Public Works Engages Community With First-ever Virtual Cleanup THIS Saturday, at any daylight time!

Aug. 14, 2020

DelanoNow Staff reports

Kern County Public Works, in association with Keep Kern Beautiful, is hosting its first-ever virtual cleanup on Saturday, Aug. 15!

This event will take place at any time during daylight hours. We are inviting residents throughout the County to volunteer 15 to 30 minutes, cleaning up areas around their neighborhoods, local parks, or right outside their front door!

“Littered areas are a consistent issue in Kern County. With this virtual cleanup, we hope to safely gather support from our local constituents to help us continue to keep Kern beautiful,” said Zechariah Garcia, Kern County Public Works’ marketing and promotions associate.

Public Works is focusing on new ways to actively engage the community while adhering to State COVID-19 guidelines. Though this pandemic has restricted Public Works’ ability to directly engage the residents of Kern County, it hasn’t diminished their desire to help the communities and their environments. With the popularity of many virtual tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other social applications, joining in on these virtual trends will help Public Works involve the community like never before.

How to Participate:
1. Register for the Virtual Cleanup at

2. Grab an old grocery bag to reuse or any garbage bag available to you.
3. Put on some gloves for your protection.
4. Pick up whatever you see for 15 – 30 minutes. *
a. Please be safe on your cleanup! Watch for traffic, sharp objects, and never wander into
unsafe conditions.
5. Take pictures of your amazing work!
a. Get creative with your cleanup efforts! Make a fun pose or funny smile!
6. Throw away your trash.
7. Wash your hands!
8. Share your impact and win KKB swag!
a. Share your photos on Facebook by tagging @KernCountyPublicWorks and hashtagging
#KeepKernBeautiful or by sending them via email to
b. Download the “Litterati” app from your app store, create an account, search for “Projects
Nearby,” and join the Keep Kern Beautiful – Virtual Cleanup.
c. A volunteer will be chosen to win some awesome KKB swag items!

*California’s Stay-At-Home order does not prevent you from going outside. However, please be safe for yourself and others. If you’re with other people or in a public space, follow safe social distancing and face covering guidelines. California Department of Public Health Face Coverings Guidance can be found here.

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